Le youth r e a l

Whether you want to have some drinks and chill or just dance out to deep house, nu-disco, or house classics to the absolute best sound system in town, GOYA Social Club guarantees an exquisitely fun and authentic night out for just 300 limited VIPS

Le Youth  has shown time and again that he can cleverly spruce up throwback R&B hits, so it should come as no surprise that “R E A L” – which samples Brandy ‘s “I Wanna Be Down” – is an absolutely stunning take on the original. What’s unexpected is  how  he reworks the track; whereas songs like “C O O L” and “Dance with Me” flaunt a multitude of nu disco elements, “R E A L” is more reminiscent of his house remix of The Knocks’ “Classic.” We love Le Youth’s R&B samples and we love his house tracks, so it follows that we should love his house track sampling an R&B classic. And we do.

Le Youth R E A LLe Youth R E A LLe Youth R E A LLe Youth R E A L